What To Expect

We just wanted to make a quick note on what to expect for our upcoming thoughts.


We will post around six thoughts per month, give or take a couple.  Any more than this and we feel that we’d be sacrificing both the quality and depth.  Categories will include areas such as entomology, fly tying, geology of the Driftless Area, instructionals, books worth reading, and our adventures on the stream during all four seasons of the year.


We will not throw out any stream names, but instead only indicate which state of the Driftless we were exploring that day.  The only name that you will hear from time to time is the Timber Coulee complex.  But even then, we will not indicate which of the five streams we were on, let alone the section of that stream.  More than half of the fly fishing experience is exploring and discovering.  We don’t want to steal that feeling of joy and excitement from you!


Up next, we will post our first thoughts of our 2013 adventures on the stream.  The first outing took place on January 1st.  Stay tuned!


– Spirit Streams

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