It’s Time: Spirit Streams Fly Factory

Remember that gazelle-like intensity that was shown in the Quest for 1,000 Trout?  Well it’s time to exhibit that same gazelle-like intensity toward my fly tying, except maybe double or triple the level of focus.


Fly tying is something that I want and need to improve.  In the past, I simply tied on an as-needed basis, investing the majority of my time on the stream.  From this day forward, more time will be spent in front of the vice.  So here’s the plan:


I have this fly box container that I received from Trout Unlimited.  I’m going to take one pattern and tie it until the entire container is filled with that single pattern, then move on to the next pattern and tie until the entire container is filled, and so on.  I’ll start with traditional patterns, sometimes with an added personal touch.  Then I’ll move on to Spirit Streams patterns.  Then I’ll develop completely new patterns to add to the Spirit Streams lineup.


I’ll give updates along the way including new discoveries, challenges, and successes.  This is going to be fun.  On that note, time to fire up the bobbin and get to work.


– Spirit Streams

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2 Responses to It’s Time: Spirit Streams Fly Factory

  1. Just found your page while researching the Driftless region. I plan to visit it at some pt. in the future to experiece the spring creeks and take in the beautiful surroundings. Love your banner photo. I read Leeson’s book several yrs ago and said to myself one day have to check out Wisconsin for trout. I live in SW Alberta and trout fish my region, BC , Montana and Idaho. I grew up in southern Quebec and spent my childhood fishing small streams in upstate NY. I look forward to future posts and photos of creeks and pastoral scenes.

    • Spirit Streams says:

      Robert, thanks for your feedback. It’s much appreciated. Leeson’s book is definitely a gem. Also thanks for providing a link to your blog. I look forward to checking it out and following your adventures across BC, Montana, and Idaho.

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