Spirit Streams Flies: “The Red Storm”

Remember I said that I would first focus on traditional fly patterns, then move on to Spirit Streams patterns, then develop completely new patterns to add to the Spirit Streams lineup?  Well, a week into this thing and an idea sparked a new pattern to add to the Spirit Streams lineup.  Introducing…The Red Storm.


The Red Storm is a woolly bugger inspired pattern with a Spirit Streams twist.  I loved the look and feel of this pattern but wanted to give it a trial run before officially adding it to our lineup.  It not only looked amazing in the water, but it’s performance was top notch and prompted several strikes even in difficult conditions.  Stay tuned for this upcoming post in a few days.


– Spirit Streams

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One Response to Spirit Streams Flies: “The Red Storm”

  1. Paul says:

    Would you be willing to share the instructions for tying the Red Storm? I would love to tie some up and give them a try in the Driftless this year.

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