The Spirit Streams Fly Fishing Facebook Page

We just wanted to make a quick note on our new Facebook page.  Through this page, we will provide daily updates on various happenings at Spirit Streams such as:


  • Things we are up to – stream adventures, fly tying, etc.
  • Videos uploaded on our YouTube channel
  • New posts on our website
  • Books worth reading
  • Articles worth reading
  • Neat fly fishing related videos
  • Photos of years past
  • Good quotes


Our Facebook page will by no means replace the blog portion of our website.  We will continue to target six posts per month, give or take a couple.  Our Facebook page simply allows us to share more information on a consistent basis.  We hope you’ll find it worthwhile.  So check out our page and let us know what you think!


A new post is coming soon on our WI Driftless stream adventure that took place yesterday.


– Spirit Streams

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