Looking Ahead at Spirit Streams

First off, my apologies for the gap in between posts.  Some things came up that needed to get done.  There’s nothing that I love more than writing about fly fishing…well besides being on the stream itself!  Things will normalize real soon and you’ll see our usual target of 1-2 quality posts per week.


We have some good things coming down the pipes to look forward to.  First, a couple videos will be added on our YouTube channel.  We’re also going to try something a little different during one of our next few outings when creating a video which we think you might like.  Second, I have two unique posts written in my mind but just need to put them on paper.  The first one connects fly fishing and woodburning.  This is one that you won’t want to miss!  The second post will introduce you to what we call The Spirit Streams Experience.  This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, long before this Spirit Streams site/blog was a remote thought.  Third, we’ll introduce the newest member of the Spirit Stream team.  We think you’ll like her!  And finally, we’re hitting the streams real hard this weekend, so look for our usual stream adventure post on that outing!



As always, follow our Facebook page for updates in between posts.  Also, we recently received these super cool Spirit Streams window/bumper stickers.  If you have an interest in one, simply email us at spiritstreamsflyfishing@gmail.com and provide your mailing address.  We’ll get one out the following day.  It’s as easy as that!




Thanks for following our site and inspiring us to get better.  We hope we’re returning the favor and providing a good read.


– Spirit Streams

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