Spring Creek Journey

The Spring Creek Journey.  Beginning at the birthplace of one of our Driftless spring creeks, where you see the purest water emerge from the ground and beneath the rocks.  Following its path as it builds its strength through the addition of two other key springs along with small feeders.  Breaking its way into and through the familiar Driftless pastures, while finally emptying into the main spring creek.

Yes, the Driftless spring creeks are something special.  Something real special.  They create such an intimate experience that you truly do become closer to not just yourself but everything else around you.  I try my best to portray this in words, but only through the experience and the experience alone, will you then fully understand.

Spirit Streams

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2 Responses to Spring Creek Journey

  1. Nate: Great video, Spring Creek Journey. Neat idea from source to main flow/spring creek. Film really captures beauty of the creeks you fish, region and wonderful browns… Also, enjoyed angling video with Cold Play sound track. Your videos take blog to a different level. I look forward to more. And nice entry to vidoes.. the wood burning part with with spirirt streams logo.

    • Spirit Streams says:

      Bob, Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your words. It was fun filming it…one day, one stream. I look forward to bringing more videos to capture different streams and hopefully get better at doing it. I also very much so enjoyed your latest post on 7/5/13. Good storyline, very nice trout, and some really sweet pictures. Looks like a beautiful creek you were on. Take care.


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