Driftless Love 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here…Driftless Love 2014.  We hope you enjoy.  -Spirit Streams

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3 Responses to Driftless Love 2014

  1. Nate:
    Real nice film. …enjoyed it. It captured the region: meandering country rds ( like the rod holder on vehicle); pasture land; Wisconsin cows; limestone walls/cliffs; the creeks and pool shots….and so, so green. Quite a contrast to where I presently live…the dry west. I must say Driftless browns have an amazing look and richness in their coloring and markings; also the brook trout.
    Also, enjoyed your many photos thru the summer season. I saw that a regional/state magazine wanted to use one…that’s very cool.
    Look forward to future productions and images of the Driftless region.

    • Spirit Streams says:

      First, my apologies on the tardiness of response. For some reason, I just received notification of your comment. Regardless, thank you for the feedback. Certainly glad you enjoyed the video. Capturing the country roads was your idea and suggestion, so thank you for that! I hope to be more active this year with the blog posts. I really like the new layout/format of your website and your usual unique perspective displayed in your photographs. Keep up the great work, it’s always an enjoyable read. Take care.

  2. ben says:

    The running cows and the deer add to the video. Looks like a beautiful day.

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