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Winding through valleys, surrounded by bluffs, spring creeks emerge from the ground to create ideal habitat for wild trout.  Spirit Streams calls La Crosse, WI our Home Pool.  We live within what is known as the Driftless Area which is home to more than 600 spring fed trout streams.

Spirit Streams was born late 2012 through a vision of sharing the love and passion that we have for the wonderful sport of fly fishing and the geologically rare Driftless Area region that we fish within.  We strive to share this love and passion through our thought-provoking blog posts, unique photography, and eye-capturing videos.

                                                               The Spirit Streams Team

                                                                                              Nate Martin

               Nate Martin          Nate Martin

Nate’s life dramatically changed in the Fall of 2006.  This is when fly fishing became a very large part of his life.  Nate is the mind behind the writing on the Spirit Streams blog and is found living on the Driftless Area streams more often than not.  He has an extreme thirst for learning and devours as many books as he can.  He loves exploring and hiking great distances while on the hunt in the Driftless Area.  Nate has explored well over 100 different streams within the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa Driftless Area, and has many more on his radar yet to be explored. 

                                                                                            Jim Martin

                 Jim Martin

Jim’s mother told him that he was born with a fishing rod in his hand.  Jim’s brother would say that he could catch a trout out of a mud puddle.  Fly fishing for trout has been a passion for Jim in excess of 40 years.  The streams of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania and the Beaverkill in the Catskills were his home pool area followed by numerous trips to such places as Alaska, Montana, and Alberta.  Now settled into the Driftless Area of Wisconsin where these beautiful and productive spring fed streams team with trout and soul refreshing environs.  The fly tying vise hums throughout the year with proven patterns to tempt these wild Driftless trout.

Read about the adventures of Spirit Streams during the Year 2012.

If you have a question or comment for us, please contact us at TheDriftless@SpiritStreamsFlyFishing.com or simply complete this contact form!

5 Responses to About Us

  1. Marianne says:

    I am impressed! Great job…interesting and informative. Pics are beautiful. Keep doing what you are doing…your love of the sport is soooo obvious. Kudos to you

  2. Tom says:

    I like your site, great pictures!

    Can you tell us the names of these rivers, they look great. I live 2hrs away from the Driftless creeks, and it would be great to have a name or two to target. Teach a man to fish type of a thing! I’m especially interested in your brook trout adventure. Thanks a lot!

    Also, do you guide at all?

    Best wishes!

    • Spirit Streams says:

      Tom, Thanks for your feedback! It’s much appreciated. We’d be happy to throw out a couple stream recommendations. Yes, we do guide. If you’d like more information on our guided outings as well as a couple stream recommendations, please email us at TheDriftless@spiritstreamsflyfishing.com. Thanks again for visiting our site!

  3. Gloria Nelson says:

    I love your site. What a beautiful place to live and work! We will definitely come and enjoy one of your guided tours one of these days! Say hello to your mom and dad – we are all PSU alum!

    • Spirit Streams says:

      Gloria, Thank you for your feedback and kind words! It is definitely a beautiful place! Hopefully you will be able to make it out this way. We would love to spend some time with you and show you around! I will definitely relay the message to them both!

      Take care, Nate

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